Cleveland’s Best Happy Hours

Lolita 5-6:30 pm and 9:30 pm to close Tuesday through Thursday; 5-6 pm and 10:30 p. to close Saturday. 4-6:30 pm. Sunday Lolita is one of Michael Symon’s (of the food network) first restraints. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is only $2 and there are several dishes for only $5. I went with my sister and we ordered the mac and cheese and The Lolita Burger. I have to say it is the best mac and cheese I have ever had.

Lincoln Park Pub – Taco Tuesdays, 3 p.m.-midnight. The Tacos are made on homemade taco shells. If you like hot food try the morning after sauce. Tacos, $1.25; Mex beers, $2.25; margaritas, $3.25

Momocho is one of the hippest restraints in Ohio City. From 5-6:30 p.m. daily they have 1/2 off taquitos and margaritas plus a great deal on Tecate.

Blind Pig – Pizza and wings for $5; 23 ounce beers $2.50, 4-9 daily. The pizzas are pretty big for $5, big enough for two people at least. The beer special includes imports. Great place to go and watch a game.

Light Bistro – 4:30-7 p.m. daily, Cocktails starting at $3. Food plates are $5. This is one of the Best Restaurants in Ohio. They specialize in local and seasonal food. This restaurant has earned an excellent reputation.

Sunset Lounge 4 – 7 p.m. daily, discounted drinks, half-off sushi and other appetizers. The sushi here is very good. The atmosphere is also good.

The Flying Fig – Happy Hour: Tuesday – Friday between 5PM and 7:30PM The Fig provides wine-oriented cuisine utilizing the finest ingredients available, sourced locally whenever possible. Beers start at $2

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Which Wine Accessories Are Vital To Your Pleasure

With a lot of individuals hurting economically it may well appear like a terrible time to get engaged in the finer points of wine and wine drinking. But nothing may be more incorrect. Good, inexpensive wines are available from all around the world. Starting to become a wine enthusiast can give you a little sense of spending time period in Italy or perhaps the Napa Valley. You can look at it as a small holiday Try a selection of these wine accessories to enhance your wine drinking pleasure.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t will have to be affluent to enjoy great wine and you don’t need to have to be a wine snob either. There are lots of styles of wine and the best wine is the wine that you like the best. To have the best experience with your wine tasting, there are a group of essential wine accessories that can make your experience blossom into a greater experience.

Other than the wine, your first must have tool is a cork screw. A lot of individuals take this handy little gadget for granted, but it makes for an improved wine experience through the elimination of little cork bits in your glass of wine.

Just about the most popular styles of corkscrews, the ‘winged’ kind, is essentially one of the worst. This is due to the small curled apparatus This refers to the worm or auger. is not long enough. It doesn’t go far enough into the cork to become a truly good store of it so it normally just weakens the cork and the cork breaks into pieces when you pull it out. True it is only a hassle and not the end of the world. You can also obtain some great wine gifts online at various web sites.

If you desire to avert this issue, all you need to do is purchase the most fundamental of wine equipment; the waiter’s corkscrew. This gadget includes the worm, a lever and a small knife. This gives you everything you require to unseal the cork and remove it. They typically sell for around $6 and if it’s great enough for the professionals it’s very likely great enough for you.

Another wine accessory is the decanter or carafe. You most likely know that wine needs air. Letting oxygen get into your wine is what it means. This will help enhance the flavor and aroma, notably in young wines. Regrettably, just taking the cork out of the bottle won’t help much. Since the bottle’s opening is too small, oxygen cannot enter in volumes to make any difference.

An convenient remedy is to put your wine into a carafe or decanter. Not only does it look good on your dinner table when you serve your visitors it also has a wide mouth opening allowing more air to flow in and aerate your wine.

Now is a great time to explore and enjoy fine wines. They should rather taste good to you than being expensive or not. What better way to spend a warm summer evening, than getting some close friends together and sampling your most recent acquire. Gather some good wine supplies, get some great wine, get together several close friends and have a fantastic evening.

Consider some the following wine accessories to enjoy your wine even more

Creating Your Very Own Home Bar

One of the biggest things to consider, when hosting an event that is held at your home, is the liquor. Many of us struggle with where we would have the bar area, set up tables and make a quick make shift bar for the evening. What if you had your very own home bar?

This could be the end of all hassles that are included in setting it up every time you have an event. There are many people that would go for this option instead of hassling with the alternative. There has to be a specific style that you have in mind before making this venture a reality.

There are various factors you should try to examine and remember when you plan the bar. The kinds of spirits must firstly be considered before deciding anything else. If you ever want to arrange a party, you must know the various tastes and wants of your guests.

Should you be in the mood for cocktails, you have to remember that it would be best to stick to a set menu, and always have a good supply of fruit as well as the spirits you need. Also always remember that the smallest slip up might be the end of a perfect evening.

The bar should always be clean and fully stocked with supplies. The guests should always be off-limits from the bar; this will ensure that the event will run gently. The bar is important to the event; people who are not trained in managing bars may destroy what you tried to work on for so long.

You can minimize your expenses when you keenly observe and not the common ingredients of the cocktails in the set menu. Being new in running and maintaining a home bar is still easy if you have carefully studied the basics of it. Only after knowing what you are going to serve, to get the event going, will be the time when you can start shopping the necessary supplies.

Few of the suggested sprits you must store in good quantity and quality should be the following: for Whiskey, you may choose Rye Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey; for other spirits, you can opt for Light Rum, Brandy, Vodka Tequila, Gin, Dark Rum, and Special Rum. Aside from the various mentioned spirits, you must also keep in mind the garnishes, some mixtures, and other ingredients for the cocktail recipe you want to prepare for the event.

To specifically please your female guests, you must consider that the favorite of this group is the Daiquiri. It is recommended that you have varied blend of these to offer on the menu. The only disadvantage in preparing a Daiquiri is the need for a blender, it may cause disturbing noise. Hence, you must carefully consider the use of a blender for it not to ruin the flow of the party. It may be the worst thing a blender?s sound may do in your hosted event. Figure out on how you can minimize the noise emitted by the blender and still pleasing the ladies.

You will be all ready when you are done with the set ups of the bar and storage of the supplies. Collect all the liquor bottles that were used up on the following day for you to be reminded on what to restock for another successful event. Always remember to drink what you only can and be responsible enough by not driving if you have an intake of alcohol in any amount.

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Superb Wine Presents And Items

So you desire to get a bottle of wine for a present. Do not merely purchase a bottle or two and gift wrap them. To make it more delightful, one or two wine accessories really should be present along with your gift Just the same this is not going to go to your ordinary Joe. This gift is for somebody who has achieved so much in his life , your supervisor, your husband’s supervisor, or your boss’s husband. What do you think are the best wine accessories for the ultimate personality? Some of these products will make wonderful wine accessories gifts for the wine enthusiast in your life.

A bottle chiller is the one must have wine accessory. They are a great pair because the chiller makes a wine taste better, thus, enjoyed more. Select between a simple chiller, or one that has been personalized. Are you up for an electronic chiller or manual placing of ice cubes? Pick between a single and double wine chiller.

In the end, your budget will dictate your decision. If you are not adhering to a budget, you should really treat yourself to an electronic chiller. They will just love it.

Bringing a gift of wine in a wine tote will enhance the value of the gift to the person you are honoring. As a point in fact, it makes even an empty wine bottle something worth holding onto. Wine bags tend to can be bought in an array of colors, sizes and styles. You can make one out of embroidered fabric, but you can also get one from wine store or local shops. If you are seeking more rustic items, and do not care to make them yourself, unique gift shops are a ideal place to look. They have something for you, most probably. There are a lot of web sites where you can locate some quite good wine gifts online for the wine aficionado in your life.

Wine goblets make drinking pleasant. But, did you realize that their sizes are not just for the sake of style and that they have specified purposes? The ideal drinking utensil for red wine would be one that is tall glass, preferably a goblet. To hold its original taste pour the wine into a tall wine goblet so that the smell of the wine comes out of the goblet just at the time of drinking. But, if you will be drinking white wine, go with a short glass.

Make it simpler for the recipient to open your gifted wine, whether or not they have a corkscrew. Pair your wine gift with a corkscrew, just to be sure. Again, your budget will tell you if you really should purchase a standard corkscrew or a more fashionable one.

Why not make your receiver begin a collection of bottles of wines (If he is not yet doing it) Provide him with wine with a wine rack then. You are able to pick between a rack made of wood or aluminium.

Irregardless of what accessory you select from among this list of wine extras, your gift will definitely be appreciated because of the time you spent seeking a wine and a wine accessory for him or her. Without regard to how much you spend, it is still gratifying when your gift is cherished.

There are lots of excellent gifts for wine lovers that you can locate on various web sites

Three Steps in Establishing a Home Bar

You have the most beautiful home bar and you could not be more proud. You could also have one of the most well prepared home bars should you just follow these easy and professionally laid out steps on stocking a home bar.

The first thing is putting up your own favorites. Putting up a home bar requires passion for having one. Entailing passion is the love of drinking liquor itself. Placing your favorites on top of the list would be a good start upon investing and deciding of drinks. Cocktails would be the first things to consider. Having drinks like coffee liquor, gin, tonic water, sweet vermouth, bitters, and vodka will be perfect combination with these cocktails as add-on drinks.

Being economical itself, having your favorite drinks as primary investment will nevertheless put you in a win-win situation. Suppose no one likes your favorite, at least you can enjoy drinking all by yourself all day long. The simple idea here is making your own self the very first customer to enter the bar.

Phase 2 is considered mainly for the friends and family. This is a very different line of stock that you will be looking at. This is one that would basically contain everything else; from liqueurs as well as garnish. Let us take a closer look at this and the contents thereof. You would have to consider a line of whiskey and this is not just one line, you should look at all of them, from single malt to premium.

You should also take note that whiskeys should be bought in three variations, blended, Scottish and Rye. The simple logic in the second stage is simply providing not just a single variation of every drink. Wide array of drinks will entice more people and enjoy their drink. The reason for placing wider variations is to distinguished more loved drinks which will make it easier for you to decide what to purchase the next time around.

The liqueurs in phase two are of a wider range than phase one also. This would be more for the cocktail range as well. The liqueurs range from triple sec, various schnapps, green-labeled vermouth, Italian vermouth, and Amaretto. The garnish and the condiments that are up for consideration should be real fruit; there is nothing tackier than garnish that is not edible. The other condiments that you should consider are salt, castor sugar, Worcestershire sauce, limes, lemons, black pepper, bitters, maraschino cherries and so forth. The list of condiments is endless.

Following drinks and condiments would be mixers. Mixers like tonic water, cranberry juice, milk, soda water, coke products, water, pineapple juice and beer would greatly complement with whiskey, gins, and cocktails. Of course, it would not be necessary to purchase all of this at the same time because you may find it too overwhelming if you do so.

After having these basic ideas on what drinks and liquors to have, your last step would be starting your own home bar already. In due time, purchasing of more drinks out of your list will make your home bar more enticing and more attractive to customers. Good landscaping and internal decorations would also be necessary to draw attention and invite more customers. With this basic knowledge on what to initially place in your bar, you will be a success in no time.

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Boost Your Wine Sipping Pleasure With The Appropriate Accessories

Whether you are an individual who drinks wine regularly or a person who is just beginning, you’ll still reap the benefits of owning some excellent gadgets. These allow you to store your wine collection stylishly until it is time to drink it. First, there is storing your bottle. Whether you decide on wine racks or a cooler, you will definitely need a good place to keep it. Wine decanters are key to your enjoyment, and corkscrews are always important. Consider some of the following wine accessories to enjoy your wine even more.

Wine storage is a very fundamental part of the process. Keep your wine at the appropriate temperature or else it can go bad. So before we discuss actual accessories, we will consider the use of a cooler or racks to store your wine. Coolers are outstanding if you drink various types of wine because a large number of these units run at multiple temperatures and some varieties stay finer at certain temperatures. Wine rack options vary greatly and can be everything from casual storage to furniture-grade racks that stand as tall as a bookshelf.

Opening your wine using cork screws and openers is an important step in savoring your glass of wine. The style of corkscrew you use is a matter of personal taste. Bottle openers can be found in about a half dozen different versions. A large number of are cork screws that contain extra features that make using them a breeze. Full-bodied reds often have a better taste after they have been decanted, or aerated, so wine decanting items can be quite useful with this type of wine.

This lets the wine to taste as good as it can by exposing it to the open air. You would like something that fits your special tastes and there are all different forms you can select forms in all different sizes. There are a great deal of web sites where you can locate some very good wine gifts online for the wine lover in your life.

Items supply a finer opportunity for people who drink wine, to impart the most desirable wine sipping encounter and taste. Storing your wine in a good temperature and maintaining the cork wet by storing the bottle on its side are both critical things in keeping your wine in good condition. Wine should not be kept in the refrigerator and is kept away from food which is placed in the home. Other items like a decanter, aerator, and cork screws will obtain the bottle open and the wine tasting good. Using these items to enjoy your wine will embellish your wine drinking encounter.

There are a lot of web sites where you can locate some very good wine gifts online for the wine lover in your life

Catering Supplies Every Caterer Needs

A catering business can be a profitable venture. A catering business is not possible without the right supplies. A good caterer will be prepared with a variety of catering supplies allowing them to cater any type of event whether it is causal or formal, or full service or buffet style.

Every catering business’s base is its food. This means that every good caterer needs good kitchen supplies. The type of supplies needed depends on the type of food that is being cooked. A caterer’s kitchen supplies need to be able to handle lots of use and be able to fix large volumes of food.

Unless the food is being cooked on site, food has to be transported and kept warm. Gastronorm containers are perfect for this as they allow the food to be transported and reheated (if needed) in the same container. Chafing dishes can also service this same purpose for buffet style events.

To cater an event is not just about cooking the food. It also includes serving the food. Caterers supply plates, serving utensils, and eating utensils. Causal events may make it where disposable dishes can be used. Disposable dishes make the event clean-up easier, but do not look as nice as non-disposable ones. Formal events will want real plates and fancy polished silver utensils.

Caterers often provide some basic decorations. Table cloths are a simple way to dress up tables. Black and white table cloths can be matched with almost any theme. Candles also provide a simple way to dress up a table especially when paired with good looking candle holders. Candles can be used for both formal and causal events.

No one wants to eat without something to drink so most caterers provide some basic drinks at events. Coffee, juice, water, and tea are drinks that are commonly offered. Something to make the tea or coffee are needed on the event site to help maintain the demands. A buffet style event will need something guest can easily use to get their own drinks, something that doesn’t have to be picked up and poured is best. For a full service event servers will pour drinks and will need pitchers to refill the glasses.

A wide range of glasses are also needed. A more formal event will need stemware and real glasses. Plastic or disposable glasses may be able to be used for a casual event. If the caterer is providing a bar also then an even greater variety of glasses will be needed including shot glasses and cocktail glasses.

Even though the amount of catering supplies needed seems like a lot, the basics for each style of event are needed to be able to make the most profit. A lot of caterers pick one or two styles to start with and then as they do different events they add on to their current supplies. This allows a caterer to have a successful business since doing multiple event types give the caterer the most opportunities.

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What To Consider When Buying A Magnum Champagne

Magnum champagne is normally meant to be consumed. Sometimes racing drivers will do anything but consume it though. However, one thing they might know, is that the large 1.5 litre bottles they carry are referred to as magnums. These are around twice the size of what is considered a regular bottle.

One of the things that people would be advised to think about is when the drink is going to be taken. If it is to be taken with a dessert, then the type of drink will most likely vary from that which will be taken with a main course. The sweet, or demi-sec, is often taken with a dessert and the dry, or brut, is often consumed with a main meal.

If a seller is confident in their products and prices, it often shows in the form of a money-back guarantee to the customer. This is one of the things that might be worth considering when buying the product. There are a number of online retailers and these days the buyer might be more inclined to show confidence in a retailer who offers such guarantees.

Something that might be important to a customer is the reputation of the firm selling the produce. Winning awards and being in the news is not necessarily going to impress every customer. However, the business that isn’t afraid to put itself out there, might find more favour with customers.

There are certain products with which the clientele have an intimate knowledge. However, it would perhaps be rather disconcerting if the customer knew more then the company. Every company dealing with these types of luxury, branded products, should know their stuff. This business and product experience could equate to a more personal service for the shopper, with recommendations based on their needs.

When buying a magnum champagne, the little things the retailer does can make a difference, such as a money back guarantee, as well as a guarantee on price. Offering free delivery might also help a customer make up their mind. As it is often sent as a gift, a free gift box service might also help.

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Choices Of Crockery For Home Or Business

The styles of crockery varies from one manufacturer to another. Each year new designs become available. Plates, bowls etc may be square, oblong, oval or round. They are available for all budgets.

It is important to consider if the plates, bowls, cups and saucers portray the look you wish to achieve, whether for home use or for your business. A mixture of unmatched tableware may be detrimental to the impression you wish to give. Also if some of your tableware is stained or chipped it can put potential or repeat customers off. Clean, white, matching tableware is aesthetically pleasing to most people.

Some ranges have additional items of tableware to match the design of the bowls and plates. These include serving plates and terrines, salt and pepper pots and gravy or sauce boats. The matching sets are very attractive.

Are you looking for fine porcelain or do the dishes need to be scratch and chip resistant? The practical aspects are important so that the correct range of tableware are selected for your purposes. Consideration of whether they will be used in the microwave or in the oven is important, as not all materials can withstand high heat or microwaves. Dishes suitable for dishwashers are normally marked with the appropriate symbol.

A good way of reducing the cost of tableware is to take advantage of discounts offered when a design is coming to an end. It must be remembered that it may not be possible to find more later on and therefore sufficient supplies should be ordered to allow for breakages etc. Each owner of existing restaurants and cafes will already know the number of breakages and other losses to be expected over a period of time.

Glassware may also be considered as an alternative to standard white dishes. Each type of glassware should be checked for suitability but most is safe for dishwashers. The presentation of food on glass can be very effective.

A lighter material used for tableware is melamine. Waiters and waitresses like these plates are they are so much lighter than conventional plates. The plates, bowls etc are very durable and often chip resistant.

A number of ranges are available in stoneware. These are very attractive and may be found in a range of colours and styles. Tea and coffee sets are often available to match the dinner services.

Some ranges include serving platters to match. Salt and pepper pots, vinegar and oil bottles and gravy and sauce dishes are available for selection in the same ranges. Many ranges are suitable for oven to table use. Whether you have a small cafe or a large restaurant matching tableware makes a difference to presentation.

A wide range of good quality products are available to suit all tastes and requirements. Most are available to order on-line and discounts may be offered for large orders. Crockery is often the focal point of tables in a restaurant or cafe, or even in your home, and therefore your selection is important for success.

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Selecting A Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Starting runners typically learn that setting a substantial jogging target will be the driver that will converts running, from the informal interest, to a major passion. For several, this objective is often a marathon. For novices, choosing a marathon training program might be a baffling task simply because there are numerous “out of the box” exercising packages on the market.

For beginning runners attempting to make a shot at a marathon you will find a couple of essential circumstances to understand. First, it’s a extremely achievable objective. Secondly, absolutely no two athletes practice, nor should they practice, the exact same

This really is why so many runners employ a trainer or prepare using a group. Obtaining an experienced runner who is able to direct you throughout the process, or maybe better yet develop a customized jogging program to suit your needs, can make an enormous distinction to the success of one’s instruction. However, in the lack of using the services of a pro We’ve provided a number of the basics below to help beginners go with a marathon training schedule to operate from.

First you need to ascertain your beginning point. Absolutely no two runners begin with exactly the same fitness level and lots of instructors demand particular starting off stage before beginning a marathon instruction schedule for newbies.

A lot of coaches WE talk with will not likely take a athlete who aren’t able to finish a run of a minimum of 5 mls. This approach definitely does not rule out everybody beneath this bar from finishing a marathon, nonetheless it may imply that commencing at this point can add considerable time to training. The majority of exercising agendas run at the least SIXTEEN weeks. If your using an out of the box marathon timetable which begins you with a long haul distance of 7 mls, and you are not able to easily finish 5, then you are setting yourself up for an injury.

In case your beneath 5 mile limit then visualize it like two training courses. Commit 30 days or so getting to where you can jog 5 mls with ease a few times every week, next undertake a organized program. From there you can little by little build up ones distance so that you can correctly begin a marathon training program.

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