Creating Your Very Own Home Bar

One of the biggest things to consider, when hosting an event that is held at your home, is the liquor. Many of us struggle with where we would have the bar area, set up tables and make a quick make shift bar for the evening. What if you had your very own home bar?

This could be the end of all hassles that are included in setting it up every time you have an event. There are many people that would go for this option instead of hassling with the alternative. There has to be a specific style that you have in mind before making this venture a reality.

There are various factors you should try to examine and remember when you plan the bar. The kinds of spirits must firstly be considered before deciding anything else. If you ever want to arrange a party, you must know the various tastes and wants of your guests.

Should you be in the mood for cocktails, you have to remember that it would be best to stick to a set menu, and always have a good supply of fruit as well as the spirits you need. Also always remember that the smallest slip up might be the end of a perfect evening.

The bar should always be clean and fully stocked with supplies. The guests should always be off-limits from the bar; this will ensure that the event will run gently. The bar is important to the event; people who are not trained in managing bars may destroy what you tried to work on for so long.

You can minimize your expenses when you keenly observe and not the common ingredients of the cocktails in the set menu. Being new in running and maintaining a home bar is still easy if you have carefully studied the basics of it. Only after knowing what you are going to serve, to get the event going, will be the time when you can start shopping the necessary supplies.

Few of the suggested sprits you must store in good quantity and quality should be the following: for Whiskey, you may choose Rye Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey; for other spirits, you can opt for Light Rum, Brandy, Vodka Tequila, Gin, Dark Rum, and Special Rum. Aside from the various mentioned spirits, you must also keep in mind the garnishes, some mixtures, and other ingredients for the cocktail recipe you want to prepare for the event.

To specifically please your female guests, you must consider that the favorite of this group is the Daiquiri. It is recommended that you have varied blend of these to offer on the menu. The only disadvantage in preparing a Daiquiri is the need for a blender, it may cause disturbing noise. Hence, you must carefully consider the use of a blender for it not to ruin the flow of the party. It may be the worst thing a blender?s sound may do in your hosted event. Figure out on how you can minimize the noise emitted by the blender and still pleasing the ladies.

You will be all ready when you are done with the set ups of the bar and storage of the supplies. Collect all the liquor bottles that were used up on the following day for you to be reminded on what to restock for another successful event. Always remember to drink what you only can and be responsible enough by not driving if you have an intake of alcohol in any amount.

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Three Steps in Establishing a Home Bar

You have the most beautiful home bar and you could not be more proud. You could also have one of the most well prepared home bars should you just follow these easy and professionally laid out steps on stocking a home bar.

The first thing is putting up your own favorites. Putting up a home bar requires passion for having one. Entailing passion is the love of drinking liquor itself. Placing your favorites on top of the list would be a good start upon investing and deciding of drinks. Cocktails would be the first things to consider. Having drinks like coffee liquor, gin, tonic water, sweet vermouth, bitters, and vodka will be perfect combination with these cocktails as add-on drinks.

Being economical itself, having your favorite drinks as primary investment will nevertheless put you in a win-win situation. Suppose no one likes your favorite, at least you can enjoy drinking all by yourself all day long. The simple idea here is making your own self the very first customer to enter the bar.

Phase 2 is considered mainly for the friends and family. This is a very different line of stock that you will be looking at. This is one that would basically contain everything else; from liqueurs as well as garnish. Let us take a closer look at this and the contents thereof. You would have to consider a line of whiskey and this is not just one line, you should look at all of them, from single malt to premium.

You should also take note that whiskeys should be bought in three variations, blended, Scottish and Rye. The simple logic in the second stage is simply providing not just a single variation of every drink. Wide array of drinks will entice more people and enjoy their drink. The reason for placing wider variations is to distinguished more loved drinks which will make it easier for you to decide what to purchase the next time around.

The liqueurs in phase two are of a wider range than phase one also. This would be more for the cocktail range as well. The liqueurs range from triple sec, various schnapps, green-labeled vermouth, Italian vermouth, and Amaretto. The garnish and the condiments that are up for consideration should be real fruit; there is nothing tackier than garnish that is not edible. The other condiments that you should consider are salt, castor sugar, Worcestershire sauce, limes, lemons, black pepper, bitters, maraschino cherries and so forth. The list of condiments is endless.

Following drinks and condiments would be mixers. Mixers like tonic water, cranberry juice, milk, soda water, coke products, water, pineapple juice and beer would greatly complement with whiskey, gins, and cocktails. Of course, it would not be necessary to purchase all of this at the same time because you may find it too overwhelming if you do so.

After having these basic ideas on what drinks and liquors to have, your last step would be starting your own home bar already. In due time, purchasing of more drinks out of your list will make your home bar more enticing and more attractive to customers. Good landscaping and internal decorations would also be necessary to draw attention and invite more customers. With this basic knowledge on what to initially place in your bar, you will be a success in no time.

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Stock Your Home Bar With The Right Cocktail Shakers

One of life’s most incredible joys is to sit out on the deck savoring a glass of your chosen cocktail. If you’re looking for a set of cocktail shakers, you might want to be aware that there are actually numerous choices from which it is possible to take your pick. Also, all of these shakers include different options and benefits so it is best to be familiar with what they are so that you can figure out which one would best fit your needs.

Choice of Material

Cocktail shakers are made of several materials, which can include aluminum, tin, and stainless steel. If you are looking for one that is light and quick to clean, you could possibly prefer to go with tin or stainless steel. Many novices favor these two materials since they are convenient to work with and they don’t involve much maintenance such as other metal shakers.

There are additionally other types of shakers like glass and plastic. The second item is often utilized for outdoor events or gatherings where it is better not to work with breakables or something that’s way too heavy to carry. Glass is a little bit less popular however there are some people who want to have at least one of these kinds in their liquor cabinet as part of the display.

Straining and Other Features

By far the most valuable function of cocktail shakers would be to facilitate the creating of drinks so they need to dispense the liquid in a seamless manner. Quick strainers are very widely used since they are the types employed by expert bartenders. These types of quick straining shakers ensure it is possible to ready more drinks in shorter amounts of time, which immediately results in quicker work and additional sales and tips.

The shape of a drink shaker is also extremely important, as is the case of the screwpull mixer. This specific shaker is made in such a manner that it’s quite simple to hold onto when concocting the beverage. It is particularly favored amongst female bartenders as they have much smaller hands compared to male bartenders. There are additionally other options including non-slip rubber traction, which comes in handy a lot of the time.


If you are planning to stock up your liquor cabinet with supplies for home use, it is only practical for you to attempt to locate economical shakers and various other accessories. When searching for shakers, you have the option of getting merchandise from specialty retailers or online. If you opt for the latter, there are numerous websites that promote unique kinds of drink shakers at different prices. Comparing cost and features would enable you to make well informed decisions especially when you are on a limited budget.

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A Quick Description Of A Man Cave And The Benefits Of Creating One

In recent years the term “Man Cave” or “mantuary” has become a popular way of describing the space in which a man can call his very own. This space is usually somewhere inside the house. It could be a bedroom, or even the garage. The point is for the man to have his own private sanctuary from all the stresses of everyday life.

It could be an important ingredient in a marriage for a man to be able to escape the pressures from his wife, kids or just general tension of any kind. Getting away by himself to recharge is all that is needed. The place he chooses can be made to suit his own tastes, holding things that make him happy and bring him a measure of peace.

Long ago (and still today in some areas of the world) young boys lived with the women in the women’s area until they reached puberty. Once a boy reached sexual maturity, he would undergo various forms of tests or rites of passage in order to earn his way into becoming a man deserving of being allowed into the men’s area.

It’s not only important for men to have their refuge. Women, especially those with children and or husbands, may find having a space of her own a welcome retreat as well. Men and women both need time to themselves in an area that is comfortable to them.

Being married is not the only reason why a man might want to seclude himself. Unmarried fellas need only go from room to room to be in a ‘cave’ in which he can recuperate from a difficult day. Turning up the stereo, kicking shoes off in all directions, putting feet up on the furniture and just hanging out is a man thing, not just a married man thing.

Some men have made an art of creating their cave. They can come up with ideas that are very far out on the edge of strange. Many will be comfortable with copying other men’s ideas as well.

If tracing the roots of why you may feel the need to have this kind of dwelling is not your thing, you may want to forget the reasons and just hop in the car and head to the nearest hobby store. Whatever your unique taste and interests are, these are the things that should fill your cave.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money creating your hide-away. This is your room, and whatever you choose to fill it with is up to you. It could be as simple as just throwing a couch and t. V in and shutting the door, or you can take it much further. Depending on the time you have to spend on it, and the money you wish to spend, it can be as awesome as your imagination. No matter what, if it’s filled with the things that specifically make you happy, you’re on the right track.

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Fruity Cocktail Recipes

There are so many different kinds of cocktails available today in bars, clubs, restaurants and I’d love to know which creative individual comes up with the names for all these wonderful fruity cocktail recipes. It seems too, that those watering spots you’ve seen in films over the years can boast a bartender who, generations ago, became a household name by creating his own unique cocktail and giving it its name.

The world-famous Singapore Sling was created by an Asian bartender named Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon during the Colonial years between 1910 and 1915. He was the bartender at the historic Raffles Long Bar in Singapore and he prepared his delectable concoction of equal parts of gin, cherry brandy and Benedictine, added a splash each of bitters, Cointreau, grenadine and lime juice and served it in a tall frosty glass, garnished with fresh pineapple. Thus was born the most famous of fruity cocktail recipes. Rudyard Kipling regularly enjoyed his Singapore Sling at Raffles, along with Ernest Hemingway and many other iconic figures, including royalty.

When we consider cocktails, we visualize a tall, sophisticated frosted glass, beautifully garnished together with colorful fruits and the ubiquitous papers umbrella. And it looks like today, any beverage worth its identify consists of various mixtures of liqueurs – and fruit. So how difficult would it be to create your own spicey cocktail recipes? Let’s examine how it’s done!

Initial, we want to familiarize yourself with the many components in which, any time mixed together inside different measure, will lead to a tropical drink and we all add the particular berry. This can be a superstar of the show; this is just what makes your beverage get noticed out of the bunch having its unique taste, scent, consistency and appearance. You could contemplate incorporating fruit for the basic element of the cocktail – alcohol consumption. Select the very best top quality vodka or perhaps white rum you will find in the store and also add strawberries, a melon, apples, limes : you choose – for the bottle. Place the sealed bottle in a great dark place and lose focus on about it for a calendar month or more. During that moment, the fruit will certainly marinate deliciously in the alcohol consumption and impart the flavor, resulting in a exclusively tasting spirit for a fruity beverage recipe base on your own cocktails.

It is possible to even mix the berry of your choosing and include it with the particular gin or rum because it will complete the flavors of the cocktail and also add to its scent. It also rounds out there and softens any “bite” inside the alcohol. Different kinds of pureed fruit can be purchased or, on top of that, you can make your own mix by blending the new fruit (seeds and also skin removed) using a good-sized spoonful of sugar syrup right up until it is smooth.

Numerous bartenders no longer use fruits in their fruity drink recipes because of the time that it takes to prepare all of them – they utilized canned fruits for his or her convenience, mixing as well as serving their beverages more quickly. But utilizing fresh fruits will ensure that the cocktails take on all of the natural flavors as well as scents that just fresh fruits provide – processed fruits have chemical preservatives and other added chemical substances which you really don’t would like in your perfect drink. Your fruity drink recipes deserve the additional time it takes to make use of fresh fruits as the fruit juice and flesh from the fruit can only boost the unique flavor associated with fruity cocktail quality recipes which you create your self.

And what is more attractive than a freshly combined cocktail in a frosted cup? To complete your demonstration, it just needs a small garnish – as well as here again, you utilize fruits. They will boost the perfume, tempt the actual palate and is great to behold. Select fresh fruits which will wed well with the taste of your fruity drinks, slice it in to small chunks, skewer all of them and place the skewer over the top of your well-chilled cup. Or, if you’re utilizing a citrus fruit such as a good orange or ” lemon “, slice it as well as cut a slit within each round and put it on the edge of the glass once you have poured your drink.

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Cocktail Glasses And Their Colorful History

Cocktail glasses have a short but intriguing history. Designed to help serve martinis in, they became a hallmark of speak easies and later on for anybody effecting elegant tastes, particularly during the 1960’s. These types of glasses have since become part of virtually any decent bar. Strictly speaking, the martini glass is a subset of cocktail glasses, since the bowl is much more tapered than other types in the same category, though they could be used reasonably interchangeably.

The actual design of this glass itself is completely functional. They’re utilized to help serve cold aromatic drinks. The broad v-shaped style allows for the sniffing of its contents while not having to make it noticeable. The tapered design is believed to keep the components from separating, enabling the martini to maintain its specific bouquet longer. Some, of course, observe that the wide mouth permitted Prohibition drinkers to quickly dump the contents, but these claims are unverified. The common size is 4.5 ounces, although 6 ounce, 7.5 ounce, and twelve ounce sizes are also popular.

The longer stem permits it to be held without warm hands touching the bowl and as a result warming up the contents. This allows for it to be served perfectly chilled with no ice and sustain that temperature for a reasonably long time period, at least when compared to other glasses. A number of stems are adorned with angular cut gemstones; these “pillar stems” have become far more popular.

Vizovice, located in the Czech Republic, is possibly the home of the very best known cocktail glasses. However, the glasses come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and styles, since the standard form permits all manner of permutations. There have even been competitions to develop the most fascinating glass, like Mia Fierra Wiesenthal’s successful stemless entry for a Sapphire Bombay contest.

The oldest tale has the drink named for the site a prospector was travelling to: a strike in Martinez in the California Bay Area. Jerry Thomas, the bartender at the Occidental Hotel, developed the drink for the price of a gold nugget in 1850 by combining an ounce of Old Tom gin, a splash of bitters, two dashes of maraschino liquor as well as some vermouth. Naturally he did not have the ideal glass, because the martini glass hadn’t been developed yet. Different tales keep it in Martinez, and there’s a New York variation dating to 1912, and yet another has it named for a rifle due to its kick.

Regardless of how it was developed, the martini did show up in a bartender’s guide in 1887, and it has been enjoyed ever since then. The glasses just add a certain degree of style to that basic drink, permitting it to be nursed for a long time. Regardless of what one puts into it, it is nevertheless a great drink to mix in with company.

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Do It Yourself Home Bar Construction

A bar is a perfect spot for guests to gather around and get acquainted with each other. You can build your own bar in a room where you normally entertain guests or install one in your patio for summer pool parties.

You can actually build a portable bar that can be used indoors in many rooms and push it outdoors when the weather calls for it. Bars are usually made from wood or bamboo. The bamboo particularly lends itself to a tropical island bar style. Another good idea is to build a bar as a counter in the room used for entertaining and then use it for all sorts of things like a bar, a buffet table or just an extra table.

Bar glasses and tools can be stored in a cabinet underneath the bar along with the liquor so they will be out of the way when the bar is used for another purpose. This also secures these items from any curious children that may be around.

Begin the project by taking measurements, extremely accurate measurements. Obviously you want it to fit in a certain space or spaces, but don’t forget to take into account the counter height so family and guests can sit comfortably on a bar stool and it is not awkward for the bartender to stand behind, mix and serve.

There are some essential items that you will need for your bar. Bar stools of course, but also bar glasses for the various liquors you will serve, glasses for whiskey, highballs, martinis, red and white wine, beer, and mugs for those wintry drinks.

Also, bar accessories must not be forgotten. Tools such as bottle openers, wine cork pullers, cocktail shakers and stirs, ice and an ice bucket, bottle stoppers, straws and maybe even a small refrigerator.

Aside from the ice, you will be able to store ice cream, milk, and cream for those kinds of drinks. With most bars that you have at home, you will also want to make sure that it works with the decor of your home and that it blends into your everyday life.

You might treat your bar as an additional kitchen space. Put in a sink to wash glasses and snack dishes. If your bar is an indoor-outdoor portable type, you can keep barbecue utensils and pool accessories in it as well.

You need to start with a plan of how you want the bar to look, what size it should be and whether it is to be stationary or have the option of portability for use in any room and outdoors as well as indoors. With a clear vision in mind, you will find it much easier to begin the project and finish it within a reasonable amount of time. Cheers!

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What to Buy for Your Home Bar

No question that this is going to be expensive, but there are some things you can do to keep the cost more moderate. You might begin by stocking only the basic liquors. And, in any case, you do not need to purchase the premium brands at their whopping premium prices. If you really like them though, purchase enough for you and perhaps the one or two guests that can tell the difference, most can’t tell and don’t care.

Basic Liquors

These are a must to have in your bar. With them, you can mix many a fine drink.

Vodka Gin Rum Whiskey Tequila

You will use these a lot so keep some bottles of each in reserve.

Beyond Basic Liquors

These are not absolutely essential to have on hand, but some of your guests will ask for them.

Scotch Brandy Cognac Irish Whiskey Jagermeister Rumplemintz

Should you not be a scotch or cognac drinker you can steer clear of the high priced brands. If you try to stock the really expensive brands, you may not hit on the one that the few guests that do drink them prefer, so just don’t do it.

Liqueurs and Cordials

Blue Curacao Vermouth Cointreau Midori Grand Marnier Triple Sec Kahlua Bailey’s Irish Cream Peach Tree Amaretto Puckers Chambord Frangellico Crme de Menthe Crme de Cacao Anisette

Most of these can be found for less under the brand name of Mr. Boston. The great thing about stocking all of these liqueurs is the large number of different drinks that can be mixed with them. Since only a small amount is used for each drink, they should last a long time.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Mixers

Grenadine Sour Mix Lime Juice Cola Diet Cola Red Bull Orange Juice Pineapple Juice Cranberry Juice Grapefruit Juice Tomato Juice Sprite or 7up Soda Tonic Ginger Ale Cream Milk.

Don’t buy the huge cans of juice, stick with the 8oz size. You will find them to last longer without spoilage. Obviously, if you are going to throw a big shindig, then buy enough for that. Milk and cream cannot be stored, so purchase them as needed and in small sizes.

Garnishes and Condiments

Cherries Olives Cocktail onions Bitters Worcester sauce Tabasco sauce Salt Pepper Lemons Sugar Limes Oranges Picks and stirs

Most of the items on this list will last a long time in either the refrigerator or behind the bar. The fresh fruits should be purchased a small amount at a time and then restocked to keep them in their fresh state.

Okay, now you are properly stocked. Time to throw a party and show off your fine bar and your fine bartending skills.

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The Best Advice To Try On Formal Dresses And Short Prom Dresses

When a woman is looking for a new dress for a special event, she may want a certain look. There are many formal dresses and short prom dresses that will suit many body types and styles. These dresses can be found in a few different locations and will offer consumers a range in choices and features.

Formal wear and dress retail stores will offer customers a huge selection of clothing. These items will be brought in for each new season and offer people the newest looks and colors. There may be a huge choice of long gowns and short prom styles.

Checking out all retail stores may also help a customer find a dress. There are many stores that will carry a rack of formal dresses at the back. These dresses may be reasonable in price and reflect the style of the store they are being sold in.

When a long gown is desired, it will be found in different styles and. The dress may contour the body shape or it may fall loosely to the ground. The dress may have no sleeves or could have short ones that hang down the arms. The neckline is important in a dress and the style of it will give the dress its shape. Some women will choose the v-neckline or a flat and straight line across the chest.

Short prom dresses are a popular style for many woman to wear. These dresses will be tight around the top and fluffy in the lower area. The length of these short dresses will stop well before the knee. Ruffles under the material of the dress will keep the dress bouncy and full of life.

Some shoppers will stick to the dresses that they know will look good, they may only try on these styles and shapes. It could be a good idea to try on styles that would normally be passed up. Trying on new dresses and colors can be fun and it could prove to be helpful if the right look is found.

When formal dresses and short prom dresses are needed for a special day, they can be found by shopping in retail stores. There are also some online shopping venues that a consumer can try. The more places that are checked out, the better variety and selection a woman will have.

The benefits of finding fabulous and fashionable formal dresses that will reflect your personality and style will be simple to see. Now you can find short prom gowns that will be perfect and give you a distinctive and unique look!

The Best Method To Try On Formal Dresses And Short Prom Dresses

When a woman is looking for a new dress for a special event, she may want a certain look. There are many formal dresses and short prom dresses that will suit many body types and styles. These dresses can be found in a few different locations and will offer consumers a range in choices and features.

Formal wear and dress retail stores will offer customers a huge selection of clothing. These items will be brought in for each new season and offer people the newest looks and colors. There may be a huge choice of long gowns and short prom styles.

A woman’s clothing store that carries everyday sweaters and pants, may also carry a section in the back for dresses. It may be just a row or two, but the dresses will be the newest styles and looks. Women will be impressed with the current trends in style and color.

Long gowns are perfect for any formal evening event. They could showcase the arms and chest depending on the cut. A great dress will flatter the body in all the right places. There are various necklines that may compliment the rest of the dress.

Most short prom dresses will feature a playful style and look. These dresses will most likely contain a puffy and ruffled bottom half with a form fitting top. The color that these dresses are found in will vary and in most cases will be two different tones. A neckline will most likely cross over the chest, where a mid sized length necklace will fall nicely in place.

Some shoppers will stick to the dresses that they know will look good, they may only try on these styles and shapes. It could be a good idea to try on styles that would normally be passed up. Trying on new dresses and colors can be fun and it could prove to be helpful if the right look is found.

Finding formal dresses and short prom dresses may take some shopping effort. The more stores that customers shop in, the better selection they will have. Online stores can also offer consumers a great way to shop and pick out stylish outfits. A woman may pick a dress based on how it looks on their body. Everyone has a unique shape and may find that a certain kind of dress or style suits their body type the best. When a dress is bought, it can be worn to more than one event, allowing it to be very cost worthy and long lasting.

The advantages and benefits of finding fabulous and fashionable prom dresses that will reflect your personality and style will be simple to see. Now you can find that best prom dress that will be perfect and give you a unique and unique look!