Real Time Sports Bar

For great food, great entertainment, and lots of fun, the perfect location is either of the two Real Time Sports Bar locations in Elk Grove Village or St. Charles. Some restaurant and bars just don’t have enough room, or not enough hd televisions to watch your favorite team. However, that’s not the case at Real Time Sports. This sports bar showcases over 40 televisions and big screens so you can just sit back and relax as you watch Chicago’s great teams. It doesn’t matter if you watch Mark Buehrle pitch for the Chicago White Sox, Derrick Rose lead the Chicago Bulls through the NBA playoffs, Patrick Kane get another hat-trick, or Alfonso Soriano hit homeruns for the Chicago Cubs. In any case, Real Time Sports is a great restaurant and bar.

Both locations offer incredible party packages, from pre-game deals, a variety of buffets, and specials on beer, liquor, and wine along with excellent private party space. With great weekly food specials, you can always check on the online monthly calendar to see upcoming events at Real Time Sports.

Walk-ins are welcome, but this sports bar also takes reservations for your next big event. Real Time Sports is happy to accommodate groups wanting to watch a game, but also has a menu suited for kids with a great atmosphere. The pizza delivery and take-out service has received rave reviews. Along with great service, the wait staff is very outgoing, on-point, and provides great service. Another perk that many customers enjoy is the outdoor seating during favorable weather.

With two great locations in Elk Grove Village and St. Charles, why don’t you stop in and enjoy yourself? You can sign up on our website and become a VIP member. Also, please visit our Facebook page for all the latest news and updates including upcoming events.

For fun, sports, food and beverages, along with unlimited entertainment, visit Real Time Sports!

For exceptional service, a great sports bar and restaurant, and pure entertainment, make sure to visit our website and learn about upcoming events.

Understanding The Design Ideals Of Crown Royal Merchandise And Hats

Appreciating a rich liquor or most probably means indulging in the beverage offered by Crown Royal. This Canadian liquor has become a household name for a number of generations around the world. Crown Royal Merchandise and Hats is just an added incentive offered by this manufacturer to patronize those who have helped it sustain its positioning in the beverage industry.

Patronizing manufacturers that have brought an enriched experience to your life gets easier when you explore the merchandise offered by Crown Royal. The Crown that ordains its bottles have been seamlessly transition onto other products that can enhance the quality of your lifestyle choices. The relaxed nature this product generally fosters is something can be experienced in the clothing that you wear.

When you want to celebrate a monumental occasion in your life it is best to create a budget that will allow you to get the most out of your money. While the experience should not be compromised by budgetary restrictions having a mindset that has helped the parameters will keep your finances intact. Sharing a chapter of your existence where you want to celebrate a milestone should be something you invite others to partake in.

There are a number of people who shy away from allowing others to create a celebration in their honor. Challenging yourself to allow others to celebrate your accomplishments can be a very fulfilling experience. It is all too important to share the journey of life with those who help you through the process. This type of exchange will not only enhance the quality of your life but the relationships that you cherish as well.

It is very healthy to have gatherings where there are children present. One of the most challenging portions of this process is to separate the alcoholic beverages from the non-alcohol. This will help to keep healthy boundaries and ensure that everyone is able to indulge in the experience without feeling uncertainty.

There are a number of experts within child development that encourage authoritarians to discourage teenagers from wearing items that promote drinking and smoking. The subliminal messaging that one encounters is very strong and might produce unfavorable consequences. Setting boundaries with your teenager will not only help them live a healthy lifestyle but develop strong independence.

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone that you want to commemorate is achievable with this manufacturer. They have a number of items that might make the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate someone for their efforts. There are a variety of price points to meet the needs of any budget size; which makes buyers remorse something completely out of the equation.

Crown Royal Merchandise and Hats not only makes for the perfect gift is too a wonderful reward you can give to yourself. The quality of their merchandise can be appreciated by exploring reputable and life is establishments that have partnered with this manufacturer. Getting to the bottom of how their merchandise can further enhance your lifestyle can be easily attained by exploring their product line; that is by far the best way to clarify both what you want and where to find it.

Discover the concepts behind Crown Royal Merchandise designs now in our guide to all you need to know about how and where to find affordable Crown Royal Hats & Shirts .

The Variety Of Flask For A Gift, Will Always Make A Delightful Present

Dating back from the eighteenth hundreds silver hip flasks have changed little in their basic design and were originally only used by nobility. There are however accounts of less glamorous items such as pig bladders and hollowed out fruits being used to smuggle spirits which may have led to the eventual design of the variety of flask for a gift (that holds liquor) a person sees nowadays.

Originally only made from pure silver which was believed to have properties that would improve the flavor of the liquor it held pewter soon became a firm second choice. A hipflask is compact and although it often has a small attached cup to partake of socially with company it is traditionally accepted that everyone in the group should swig from the flask itself to commemorate any occasion.

Contoured to match any wearer’s hip or thigh curves for a snug fit, flasks were and still are often covered in leather to protect the item and for added comfort for the person wearing it. Nowadays stainless steel is widely used but when a special or commemorative flask is required one may still want to look at buying a silver item.

An antique silver flask are rare to find and have become greatly sought after collector’s items. During the American Prohibition era hipflasks were popular with bother sexes and many a lady would be out on the town sporting a dainty elegant styled holder in her garter.

Stainless steel varieties filled with local liquor and engraved with relevant information of the occasion have become a popular item for wedding and party favors. Engraving can be done on the flask itself or on the plate one finds on most well made flasks. An ideal gift for men or women of any age and today a person will find that there are many specialist shops and online websites that offer a wide selection to choose from.

Flasks are sold empty and one has the choice of deciding what to fill them with. The word flask is also given to the smallest size bottle that liquor is sold in which may explain how hipflasks got their name.

When members of the Royal Air Force referred to their “hipflasks” in days gone by they were actually talking about their revolvers. Soldiers fighting in the two World Wars often carried a flask with them through their campaigns and must have imbibed with relief and thanks each time they survived a battle.

To avoid metal detectors mass produced plastic flasks are now readily available on world wide online sights and stores. A flask’s capacity is just enough to warm a person on a cold day or to have a celebratory drink without getting tipsy.

Easy to handle, convey and secrete on the body the variety of flask for a gift (that holds liquor) will always ensure that where ever a person encounters an occasion or wants to toast an event they will immediately be able to celebrate it with style and finesse.

Find a flask that is unique and distinctive fast and easy! When you are looking for a Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam flask or other liquor gear items, you can find it today!

Pink Leather Flask

One of the newest means devised by marketing moguls is to hand out free promotional items of different sorts. As such, it is common to see nowadays shirts, lanyards, key chains, and other items bearing the name of the company or the product they promote. Such items have the dual purpose of being useful and as an advertising tool.

However, despite the huge pull that promotional items generate, one should not really be dispensing them freely. Instead, one has to see to it that the items fit with what they are promoting like products and services of a company. One item that is seeing a large popularity in terms of promotion is the pink leather flask. The flask is a ideal advertising tool if you are selling or promoting sports items.

This is because the flask is casually associated with outdoor activities. It is one of the essential items that athletes use. In outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing or trail biking, the flask is an invaluable companion that helps athletes store their favorite drink to help quench their thirst and relieve them from the heat and to compensate for lost body fluids to sweating. As such, pink leather flask is associated with an adventurous spirit.

Despite its close association with sports and outdoor activities, pink leather flask is not really limited to athletes. On the contrary, people from different walks use the product: office workers, school children, employees, or only about anyone who prefer having a ready source of water all the time. One thing that people love about the flask is that they can be used over and over again and they can be filled with any liquid. Aside from its many usages, the pink leather flask can also be used as a extremely precious marketing tool. When used in advertising, the pink leather flask is printed with the name of the business or of the product’s logo.

Using the flask as a marketing tool is a huge step because people are most likely to bring the flask with them wherever they go. The advertisement on them will also go anywhere. Another way to ensure effective advertising is to include the business address or a web site so as to allow people the chance to contact the business. With such novel means, people will not really forget your business.

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Stylish Flasks For Groomsmen Gifts

Trendy pockets flasks are classic groomsmen gifts. They bring back memories of the classic 1920’s and 1930’s when they were common among gentlemen. Pocket flasks are still popular today as gifts and although they aren’t commonly used, they make fantastic keepsakes. Your groomsmen won’t have to hold a bulky bottle wherever they go anymore simply because they can securely store their favorite drink in this classy container.

Pocket flasks come in different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit every guy’s personality. Whether he’s the sporty kind, the fashion forward, the classic executive, or the art enthusiast, there is a flask especially designed to suit his style.

For the Fashion-Forward

The fashion savvy groomsman does not want to be seen having a tacky bottle of beverage in tow. They might as well not drink at all than appear unrefined, but having a trendy flask, they will look elegant because these beverage containers exude elegance, class, and a bit of nostalgia. In choosing the design for your sartorial friend, look for flasks with plaid prints, there are those with funky neon colors, and those with pop art prints.

For the Art Enthusiast

If your groomsman is an art enthusiast, it is without a doubt that he would love flasks with eccentric designs. The guys who appreciate the arts do not want anything boring and ordinary. If you want your gifts to be treasured by your artsy friends, do not give them plain aluminum flasks. There are plenty of flasks with extraordinary styles online. There are triangular, round, and even star-shaped flasks with artistic cases. You can also add a bit of personal touch by having your groomsman’s name etched on these items.

For the Corporate Executives

Executives have a certain look to preserve in order for them to appear credible and respectable. Your career-oriented buddy probably wears a sophisticated suit and a shiny pair of shoes. The ideal flasks for him are the classic ones with simplistic style. The lesser the elements, the more classy the flask looks. For the cases, choose something brown, black, or navy blue to maintain the formal appeal.

For the Sporty Groomsman

This could become an instant favorite companion of sporty guy. What could be a lot more hip than a flask with an engraved photo of a baseball, football, or motorcycle? Whether he’s playing the sport or just hanging out with the guys on a lazy summer night, you can be certain that this would never leave his side. You can have a short message engraved anywhere on the flask to make it priceless.

If you are currently looking for hip flasks to give your groomsmen, don’t go to the malls just yet. I suggest you search online simply because aside from saving a lot more time and money, there are definitely a lot more choices of unique flasks for you to choose from.

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Liquor Flasks – Still A Great Groomsmen Gift

There are many reasons to give a liquor flask as a gift, if you require a few ideas for people that may enjoy a flask as a present, this article will jog your memory and help you find the perfect gift for someone special.

If you are a groom thinking about groomsmen gifts, a wonderful present for your groomsmen would be a personalized flask engraved with the names of the bride and groom engraved on them along with the date of the wedding to commemorate the special day. Your friends acted as groomsmen to celebrate your unique day. Pink liquor flasks are available for the bridesmaids.

Another great way to make a flask work wonderfully as a gift is to give one to a unique guy for a birthday, anniversary or holiday such as Father’s Day. You can give him a flask of his own and even have it engraved having a special message, nickname or a short phrase that means something between the two of you. It’s a beautiful way to say “I love you” and let them remember that sentiment each time they see the flask. The Classic Engraving in a small circle in an eight-ounce silver flask will look outstanding and hold both great memories and a little nip for years to come.

The Devonshire Military Flask will make a wonderful gift for anyone that is currently serving or is a veteran of the armed forces including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or the US Coast Guard. This flask could be custom engraved up to three lines of personalization and will truly be a one-of-a-kind present. As with all Devonshire flasks, the military flask is designed with the greatest attention to detail and carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. It makes a wonderful presentation in its own genuine black velvet bag bearing the Devonshire seal in an elegant black present box that is ideal for gift giving.

As with all engraving, the etching is made to be permanent and reflect your thoughts on the item for a lifetime. Weddings, birthdays, holidays and military remembrances; and those are just several of the ways you can use a flask as an elegant present and a way to leave a lasting impression with a present that will thrill the gift recipient for years to come.

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